Ash Williams was created out of fun, joy, silliness and sluttiness. I spent too much of my life caring what people thought and being confined within societal, cultural and religious restraints in how I present myself. It limited and jaded me from expressing my potential and more importantly my hotness. After an array of life experiences and constantly getting my tits out, I got to a place where I realised that nothing really matters. Nothing fucking matters besides me. I’m going to say, do, and be what I want. And as long as I’m not hurting anyone, this world is mine to take.

I stopped caring and doubting myself and I just started doing. I fell in love with being seen. Being Looked at. Being positive about my sensuality, my sexuality! I realised how fucking hot I am. I realised it’s a privilege for people to look at me. So I replicated that in how I dress. When I started wearing slogan t-shirts, people started staring even more than usual. Whilst their faces scrunched, jaws dropped and eyebrows raised after reading a shirt with the word “cum” on it, I couldn’t help but think, what is it about a woman or person putting their sensuality and sexuality at the forefront of their presentation that makes people so uncomfortable? Is it insecurity? The patriarchy? Western views on how you should present in public? Judgment with all things sex? Jealousy? Or just all round bad vibes? Either way, this made me want to dress sluttier, wear more thought provoking and provocative things. Get even more raunchy slogan t-shirts because 1, I wanted to and could. And 2, I wanted to challenge people. Challenge their thoughts. Provoke them to challenge themselves. Make people realise that sex is positive, sex is fun. Expressing yourself is whatever it means to you. Wearing hot slogan t-shirts cures all mental illness. Being a bad bitch is the best way to start you day. I hope these t-shirts bring you fun and orgasms. Mwah xx